About FunBags

Hands up who checks their boobies?

Do you check them routinely? Do you wait until the first of the month to be reminded?

Have you ever checked?

I, like a scarily large percentage of women, had checked mine only a couple of times before I found out the risks of familial cancer and how it affected me….

I went from feeling mind blown to scared, to privileged, and back to scared and mind blown, before my prophylactic mastectomy operation in 2020 that quite honestly changed my life. 

I’d never considered or understood my real risks before I knew I was actually at risk.  I didn’t really understand the reality that faces everyone with cancer.  I never realised how something as simple as checking my boobs could quite literally save my life.

FunBags is a “fun” brand that empowers and allows you to express your journey with the added constant and discreet reminder to keep a check on your boobies and know your body.

FunBags is here for anyone who has been touched by breast cancer, but is mainly about awareness and prevention so help us to spread the message: Feel your FunBags and Prevent Breast Cancer.